November 18, 2015

Why the Buhrs of Minneapolis Chose Community Solar

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  • Written by  Melanie Kelly

FullSizeRender-225x300Dan Buhr of Minneapolis and his wife visited friends in California last year and for the first time, they saw a rooftop solar installation up close on their friend’s home.

“Our friends love their panels. They offset their home’s energy from fossil fuels, and save money in the process

Seeing their friends’ satisfaction inspired the Buhrs to examine solar as an option to reduce their own carbon footprint. When they returned to Minnesota, they looked into installing a rooftop solar system. Then they saw the price tag on the installation. It involved major roofing work to accommodate the panels. They figured their dream to go solar was simply not realistic.

At the time, they didn’t know about community solar. Community solar is a new program that allows anyone to choose renewable energy without having to make major upfront payments or renovation decisions – all while staying connected to the utility grid.

It was simple and easy for Dan and his wife to subscribe to community solar. All it took was reaching out to SunShare, and enrolling in one of their Minnesota community solar gardens. SunShare walked the Buhrs through the subscription details and enrollment process. To size the solar subscription, SunShare just needed the Buhr’s Xcel bill.

By switching to community solar, the Buhrs will start saving on electricity and they feel good about their renewable energy choice, which had none of the hassle and maintenance of a rooftop solar energy system.

When speaking with SunShare, Dan Buhr said “It seems like the only problem with community solar is that not enough Minnesotans know it is an option. My wife and I are really proud of our decision to sign up, and we hope to keep spreading the word about this amazing new opportunity.”

To learn more about community solar and why people like the Buhrs are taking advantage of SunShare’s Community Solar program, please visit www.mysunshare.com.