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We put the “community” in community solar.

Who We Are

Founded in 2011, SunShare is a full-service, end-to-end developer, owner, and operator of community solar gardens. As the nation’s oldest community solar company, SunShare’s mission is to give everyone access to renewable energy solutions.

We are a pioneer of community solar policy and program development, and we serve our communities by leasing or buying land from local farmers and landowners, on which we build community solar gardens. These gardens serve thousands of subscribers who can’t or don’t want to put solar panels on their roof, by allowing them to subscribe to a portion of the energy produced by the solar garden.

SunShare builds, owns, and manages these solar gardens, delivering reliability and long-term value to our subscribers and partners.









What We Do

What makes us different are our turn-key solutions for creating a cleaner, brighter, better planet. We are invested members of the communities we serve, and we develop, own, and maintain our community solar gardens for their lifetimes. Our subscribers are neighbors, family, and friends, whose word of mouth is our biggest referral channel.

We build solar and solar+storage projects on parcels of land that we lease or buy from farmers and landowners who benefit
from the consistent revenue stream.


We subscribe and manage residents, businesses, and non-profits who are interested in benefitting from solar power through community solar gardens. 


We handle the long-term maintenance and performance of our solar gardens so subscribers don’t have to think about anything but the positive energy they’re creating.


As the long-term owners of the majority of our project portfolio, we are dedicated to providing service and care for our subscribers, partners, and projects. 

Cleaner. Brighter. Better.

What Is Community Solar

From homeowners to renters, municipalities to non-profits, SunShare makes it possible and affordable for anyone in our service territories to benefit from locally produced solar energy.

We build large solar farms that add clean energy to the electricity grid. Community members subscribe to a portion of that energy, and their local utility buys that portion from the subscriber. It’s that simple.

Who We Serve

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Community Solar Subscribers

Anyone with a utility bill in an eligible territory is able to reap the benefits of clean, locally-produced solar energy with community solar. Our flexible and affordable subscriptions are perfect for homeowners, renters, apartment- and condo-dwellers, small businesses, municipalities, non-profits, and many more!


Our land development approach is designed with the goal of benefitting landowners, their families, and their neighbors for generations to come. We are the long-term owners of the projects we develop – providing continuity for landowners. 

ESG Partners

As solar experts for more than 10 years, we understand the intersection of technology, finance, and customer need. We recognize the role solar and storage will play in the energy transition – and we are here to deploy innovative solutions that reduce GHGs, decarbonize industry, and electrify the future.

Featured Solar Gardens

We've developed more than 80 community solar gardens totaling over 118 MWs of clean, solar energy and serving thousands of subscribers.


Subscribers Say

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