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Green Living is Easy with Community Solar!

An easy first step to green living is to subscribe to a community solar company in your area. This will reduce you carbon footprint by ensuring the energy you use in your home or business comes from a renewable energy source – solar energy. Since community solar gardens are built to produce more energy with more solar panels than you might be able to place on your own rooftop, together we can help you, your neighbors and your whole community to live green.

Learn how community solar works.

There is even more green living you can do

While subscribing to a community solar garden might be a great first step – don’t let it be your only step.
Reducing your consumption in your daily life even just a little can have an impact:

  • Remember your reusable bags for the grocery store and avoid one-time-use plastic bags
  • Choose to take a bike or walk instead of a car occasionally if you can
  • Remember to turn off lights when you leave a room and replace fluorescent bulbs with LED light bulbs
  • Utilize public transportation
  • Don’t let the water run when you brush your teeth
  • Recycle all materials accepted by the recycler in your area<>/li>
  • Choose products made from natural or sustainable materials such as bamboo
  • Use a reusable cup for coffee purchased at a shop – most places give you a discount so you save green while living green

At SunShare we are doing our part

As a green living business we:

  • Choose recyclable office materials like LED lighting, carpet tiles that easily replace worn traffic spots without re-carpeting, heating and air conditioning on timers for efficiency
  • Choose reusable supplies such as regular coffee cups and an office coffee pot rather than disposable cups and single brew coffee makers with K-Cups that cause more pollution
  • Support telecommuting of staff to reduce the burning of fossil fuels as well as encourage the purchase of electric cars
  • And, of course, we choose clean renewable community solar energy

Check out the links below for resources on how you can live a more sustainable lifestyle. Happy Green Living!