Land Partners

SunShare Offers Landowners Opportunities to Diversify Your Income & “Grow” Local Energy

The Next Big Crop:
Solar Energy

Earn passive income on your land while making a difference for our future environment. Low-impact ground-mounted solar arrays installed on your land can provide you a steady stream of income for the next 20 years by producing solar energy on behalf of thousands of local residents.

Benefits for Landowners

Landowner partners lease to SunShare for the following reasons:

Long-term and predictable revenue that increases annually

Diversification to ensure long-term farming and business operations

Land bank and preservation for the next generation – earn revenue while your land appreciates

SunShare manages all project development, construction, long-term operations, and land restoration

Our Approach


Agriculturally Responsible

SunShare was founded on the vision of rethinking conventional forms of energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, being kinder to the environment, and helping others do the same. This includes a commitment to respecting land, complementing existing agriculture and land uses, and leaving land better than how we found it. Our goal is to look for ways to develop energy solutions that have either a net-zero effect or a positive effect on the environment.


Easy to Work With

SunShare understands the importance of positive business relationships and is committed to the highest level of service for each of its landowner partners. SunShare’s land development approach ensures that our projects will benefit landowners, farmers, and local communities for generations to come.

We work hard to ensure our landowner partners are competitively compensated. Our team frequently communicates with our landowners and neighbors during the siting process to ensure our projects are well received by the community and yield sustaining support during the long-term operation of the project.

We empower individuals to do the right thing for the environment, and are respectful of their own needs and constraints.


Community Focused

SunShare develops low-impact energy solutions that provide entire communities access to solar energy. We partner with farmers, ranchers, family trusts, private landowners, government entities, school districts, nonprofit organizations, and others to create healthier communities that deliver predictable, reliable revenue to our partners.

SunShare’s founding vision is to bring the power of the sun to all and give everyone access to clean, renewable energy solutions – not just elite homeowners who can afford rooftop panels. SunShare creates free choice for consumers and enables them to make informed decisions about their source of energy by creating community solar gardens that “grow” energy in shared spaces for the communities they serve.

What is a Solar Garden?

Community Solar Gardens are centrally-located solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that provide electricity to participating subscribers. Due to their large size, they are able to serve sometimes thousands of subscribers. 

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Ready to build a brighter future on your land?

SunShare wants to have discussions with interested landowners. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a part of the innovative solar garden industry, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will reach out shortly: