Community solar billboard

How SunShare Community Solar works

SunShare Community Solar is an easy, affordable way for you to enjoy clean, renewable energy. Instead of putting panels on your roof, we build large solar projects called community solar gardens with thousands of panels. You subscribe to a portion of the energy produced in the community solar garden, along with many other residents who share your commitment to renewable energy. Your utility continues delivering your energy and you receive solar credits on your electricity bill. It’s that easy.

Community solar subscriptions


Simply Join

There’s absolutely no rooftop installation or equipment at your home. You simply subscribe to the community solar garden.


Simply Save

You will get two electricity bills. One is from SunShare, and one is from your utility company. Your utility bill will be significantly reduced thanks to your new solar credits!


Simply Enjoy

Choose community solar for your home and lead the way to a cleaner, brighter future for everyone.