About SunShare

About SunShare

Our Story

What if we rethink our conventional forms of energy? What if we weren’t reliant on fossil fuels like traditional utility providers? What if we could make solar energy available to anyone who wanted it, without making them sacrifice anything to get it? What if we could be kinder to our environment?

These are the questions that SunShare’s founder asked himself in 2011. And from that, an idea was born: to harness the energy of the sun and make clean and affordable renewable energy the “new norm” – in every home.

Many people told him this was impossible.

But we worked with Colorado Springs Utilities and the local government to create the first competitive community solar program in the nation, and through that process won the right to build solar gardens on Colorado Springs Utilities’ grid. These solar gardens were designed to “grow” energy for the communities they serve, and were the first of many to come.

By placing the solar panels in shared spaces, SunShare became the great
equalizer, creating free choice for consumers and leveling the solar playing
field. We took something that was previously considered special and elite,
and brought it to the everyday citizen.

Today, SunShare is proudly delivering the power of the sun to more people
than ever – making the extraordinary, ordinary.

Our Core Values





Results Driven

Our Success Drivers

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More than a decade of solar industry experience has equipped us with the operational excellence and problem-solving ability to create de-risked solutions.


Speed to Market

As a small and nimble business, we have the agility to create and execute solutions to ensure that our customers’ business operations never have to wait.



As owner-operators of our own solar assets, we are invested in their ongoing performance and will deliver that same dependability to our solar + storage deployments.

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Poised for Growth

SunShare has spent more than a decade laying a foundation and has the technical know-how, business acumen, and industry experience to grow with our customers.

Facts At a Glance


To be an unstoppable force in the responsible energy transition, rethinking conventional forms of energy and helping everyone do the same.


To power the world with creative and proven renewable energy solutions.


Denver, CO


David Amster-Olszewski is the founder and CEO of SunShare. One of Forbes “30 Under 30” in 2016, he is an innovator in the solar industry with a passion for alternative energy. With a degree in International Political Economics, Amster-Olszewski has been instrumental in the growth of community solar.


SunShare was established in 2011 and has since grown to become one of the leading community solar companies in the U.S.


SunShare’s leadership team has more than 125 years of combined industry experience.

150 MW

Projects Developed & Under Construction


SunShare’s community solar gardens are projected to offset 7.7 billion miles of driving or 3.5 billion pounds of coal burned over their lifetimes. That’s the equivalent of planting 53 million trees!


16,000+ residential, commercial, municipal, and non-profit community solar subscribers.​


SunShare owns and operates community solar portfolios in Minnesota and Colorado, and is actively developing in multiple other states.


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