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Sustainability Delivered

Be a steward of nature. Create socially-conscious community relationships. Deliver value for shareholders.

Solar & Storage Solutions

SunShare’s strategic partnerships and operational excellence enable fast, meaningful operationalization of world-class solutions Addresses multiple pain points for 

current and future oil & gas operations including GHG, methane, and noise pollution; social impact; unpredictable energy costs; utility interconnection costs and timeline

Benefits for Industrial Companies

Power oil & gas operations with solar electricity, to mitigate impacts of new and existing emissions regulations without compromising profitability


100% freedom from grid electricity, without generator noise or air pollution


Avoidance of increasing electricity costs and demand charges, as well as cost of future interconnection buildout


Consistent, reliable, and scalable electricity solution that mitigates impacts of new and existing emissions regulations without compromising profitability

What We Do

We create solar and storage solutions for electrification of industrial operations. Whether you are seeking partnerships in ESG investing, exploring opportunities to replace diesel generators, or embarking on electrification to smooth permitting with the COGCC or other regulatory boards, SunShare is here to deliver real-world, practical solutions within your corporate sustainability goals.

What is ESG

The intersection of Environmental, Social, and Governance provides a structure for socially conscious businesses to demonstrate long-term value to their stakeholders through demonstrating their values beyond their financial performance.

Our Approach


Deliver power solutions that are not grid-reliant, gaining control of timing of operations and eliminating risk of grid reliability

Reduce or eliminate both methane and noise emissions, securing ongoing operations regardless of EPA or state regulations

Increase social impact, through community solar subscriptions for facilities and employees

Deliver value to shareholders, through avoidance of demand charges, elimination or reduction of generators, and shortened timelines

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