Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Investing in our communities to work toward a brighter future

New Mexico Community Solar & Storage

CSolPower LLC

SunShare has committed to investing in New Mexico Resident Veteran Business CSolPower’s thermal energy storage technology, for the purpose of increasing the New Mexico renewable energy workforce, and advancing locally-developed technologies.

CSolPower, LLC is a certified New Mexico Resident Veteran Business that was formed for the express purpose of the development of solar thermal power generation and power storage systems. CSolPower is dedicated to the advancement of solar energy generation and storage, and with SunShare, will help to advance the innovations necessary to maximize the benefit of the New Mexico community solar program for years to come.

Income-Qualified Community Solar Subscriptions​

GRID Alternatives

SunShare is working with GRID Alternatives to provide community solar subscriptions for eligible income-qualified Xcel Energy® customers. 

This partnership gives subscribers all the benefits of clean solar energy with no upfront cost. In addition to community solar subscriptions, SunShare will work with GRID Alternatives to offer community-based educational programming, job training opportunities, and solar garden tours and community events for both the community solar subscribers and the larger community.

Building Community through Community Solar

Each solar garden is its own community, comprised of subscribers who share a vision of a cleaner, brighter future through clean energy. Subscriptions are divided up to match each subscriber’s energy use until the solar garden is at capacity. 

But that’s not all. SunShare is committed to putting the ‘community’ in community solar with our innovative approach:


Our subscribers are the backbone of our business. They are our own employees, neighbors, friends, and family so we consistently strive for friendly, local service.

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Local Businesses

As a small business ourselves, supporting the local business community is important to us. We’ve invested more than $100,000 in local businesses through our subscriber incentives.



We help farmers preserve their land and their legacy, and even grow crops alongside solar through innovative agrivoltaic developments.


The Planet

When possible, we design our gardens to serve as habitats for bees and butterflies that pollinate local farms. Our solar gardens are homes to sheep-grazing, honeybee apiaries, and native wildflowers and grasses.

Income-Qualified Community Solar Subscriptions​

Archdiocese of Denver

SunShare is working with the Archdiocese of Denver to provide community solar subscriptions for eligible income-qualified Xcel Energy® customers. Laudato Si, the second encyclical of Pope Francis, urges Catholics to care for their common home. The Archdiocesan Community Solar Project will directly impact Colorado’s air quality by supporting emission-free electric generation. Through this partnership, Colorado based income-qualified residents and service organizations will receive discounted community solar subscriptions and educational programming, as well as reduced electricity costs.

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