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Our Approach

Leaving the land better than we found it.

Our Pollinator Pledge

When possible, we design our gardens to serve as a habitat for bees and butterflies that pollinate local farms.


We design our solar gardens with state of the art technology and technical expertise. Because a well-performing system for the long term means a bigger impact for subscribers and the community alike.

Sustainable Land Use

We try to build on brownfield sites, which include land with limited use such as old landfills or chemical spill sites. ​

Long-Term Ownership

We are the long-term owners of our new solar projects. That means we have a vested interest in ensuring optimal performance of the garden as well as the experience of our subscribers and communities we build in.


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Featured Community Solar Project

Animas Community
Solar Garden

We’ve started construction on the Animas Community Solar Garden, which will be dedicated to Marshall Fire rebuilders. This 500 kilowatt garden will produce enough clean energy to power 150 homes, and will offset 36 million pounds of carbon dioxide over 20 years! Additional gardens will be coming online this summer and later this year.

SunShare Community Solar Gardens FAQ

It takes SunShare about 9 – 12 months to acquire land, obtain zoning approvals, receive utility approvals, construct a solar garden and connect and activate the solar garden.
Yes. By choosing to support a local community solar program you are contributing to reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

SunShare will notify you via email when you have been assigned to a solar garden and when your subscription will be active in the garden. You will also be provided with all relevant subscription and billing details, including when you will start seeing credits on your utility bill.

SunShare was founded on the vision of rethinking conventional forms of energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, being kinder to the environment, and helping others do the same. This includes a commitment to respecting land, complementing existing agriculture and land uses, and leaving land better than how we found it. Our goal is to look for ways to develop energy solutions that have either a net-zero effect or a positive effect on the environment.