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We connect to the grid, not your roof.

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About SunShare

SunShare Community Solar is a ground-breaking solar company that gives you an easy, affordable way to enjoy clean, renewable energy. Instead of putting panels on your roof, we build large solar projects called community solar gardens with thousands of panels. You subscribe to a portion of the energy produced in the community solar garden along with many other residents who share your commitment to renewable energy, replacing the need to invest in solar panels for home use. Your utility continues delivering your energy, and you become part of the solar community, receiving solar credits on your electricity bill. It’s that easy.


How SunShare Community Solar Works

Solar garden harnesses energy from the sun

Nearby solar gardens with hundreds of panels produce clean energy. You subscribe to a portion of that energy without putting anything on your roof.

Garden delivers energy to utility, and utility continues to power your home

Energy generated by the solar garden supplements the power supply with clean, renewable solar energy. You continue to receive and use energy the way you always have.

Subscribers receive solar credits, and displace fossil fuels

SunShare sends you a monthly bill for the amount of solar energy your subscription produces, and your utility reimburses you for the amount of energy your subscription contributes to the grid.

SunShare Community Solar

Enjoy the benefits of clean, affordable electricity with our local gardens.

Simply Join

There’s absolutely no rooftop installation or equipment at your home. You simply subscribe to the community solar garden.

Simply Earn

You’ll get two electricity bills, one from SunShare and one from your utility company. Your electricity bill will be significantly reduced thanks to your new solar credits!

Simply Enjoy

Choose community solar for your home and lead the way to a cleaner, brighter future for everyone.

What our solar community says about us

FAQ about SunShare Community Solar

Yes. By choosing to support a local community solar program you are contributing to reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

One of our pledges as a company is to leave the land better than we found it. For example, in Minnesota, we are part of Fresh Energy’s “Pollinator Pledge.” This means, when possible, we design our gardens to serve as a habitat for bees and butterflies that pollinate local farms. We also try to build on brownfield sites, which include land with limited use such as old landfills or chemical spill sites.

We have 30 fully subscribed and operational solar gardens in Colorado and Minnesota and will continue to build new solar gardens in Colorado and Minnesota in the future.

A subscription now means you will reserve a spot in one of our new solar gardens and begin seeing credits on your bill as soon as the gardens are built and active.

Support the growth of our clean energy future. Sign up today!

Ready to make a difference?

Signing up for SunShare is easy! We just need to confirm you live within our service area, and then we’ll recommend the plan that best fits your needs.