Community solar billboard

Benefits of SunShare Community Solar

Community solar is a clean, simple choice

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), about 80% of energy consumers are unable to utilize rooftop solar because they have old roofs, shaded roofs, insufficient roof space, or because they do not own their homes. But community solar changes that. With community solar, EVERYONE has the power to choose solar energy as their source of power – regardless of homeownership or roof quality.

Stabilize your electricity bill.

Historically, electricity rates from fossil fuels have risen in an unpredictable and sometimes volatile manner (see the historical Energy Price chart to the right). When you choose community solar, SunShare provides a long-term rate for the solar energy that allows you to predict your subscription rate for years to come.

Lead in sustainability.

When you choose SunShare Community Solar, you are playing an active role in preserving our planet for future generations. The use of solar energy generated by community solar gardens displaces the need for fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, which are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions and other toxic pollutants.

By choosing community solar, you make a meaningful difference and demonstrate your environmental leadership. Your leadership helps prove that innovative renewable energy solutions are in demand and paves the way for other communities and states across the nation to implement community solar programs.