November 30, 2016

INFOGRAPHIC: How SunShare Community Solar Works

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  • Written by  SunShare

After many months of development and construction to make a community solar garden a reality, it starts producing clean, solar electricity. But what’s next, and how it does it work for you?

Community solar gardens are rows of solar panels, located in open fields, connected to the utility’s power grid. SunShare sites our solar gardens on land with good solar exposure and near existing distribution lines to ensure that we can deliver the maximum solar energy into the grid. The solar energy produced from the community solar garden goes directly into the power grid – the same power grid that your home is connected to and receives electricity from today. It is important to note that the community solar garden is not directly connected to your home or business.

Approximately one month after the solar garden is turned on, and SunShare and the utility confirm it is functioning properly, you and your fellow solar garden subscribers will receive your first bill from SunShare, as well as your first credits on your electricity bill. Both your SunShare bill and your credits reflect the amount of energy your community solar subscription produced on your behalf. Therefore, in really sunny months, the amount your subscription produced will be more, and in months with more cloud coverage, those amounts will be less. But over the course of the year, the production will even out and you will likely see savings on your annual electricity costs.