January 24, 2017

Introducing Our Core Values - Inquisitive

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  • Written by  SunShare

The SunShare experience has always been, and will continue to be, about community, and making it possible for anyone to benefit from clean, locally produced solar energy. As a company, we have five Core Values that define what we believe and how we behave.

  • Friendly
  • Environmental
  • Transparent
  • Results-Driven
  • Inquisitive

Over the next few months, we’ll share more insight on each of our core values, and invite you to join us in our mission to give everyone access to clean, renewable energy solutions. Let’s start with Inquisitive.

Inquisitive: Be avid learners to grow as individuals and improve our offering as a company.

Being inquisitive led to SunShare. Our founder, David Amster-Olszewski, asked himself a simple question: What if we rethink our conventional forms of energy?

That question led to another: What if we weren’t reliant on fossil fuels like traditional utility providers? And another: What if we could make solar energy available to anyone who wanted it, without making them sacrifice to get it?

Today, SunShare is proudly enabling more people than ever to choose the power of the sun – making the extraordinary, ordinary – as one of the nation’s first and largest community solar companies. Our Inquisitive core value continues to power our mission to give everyone access to clean, renewable energy solutions, enabling you to make informed decisions about your energy usage, the environment, and how to better your life.

We encourage you to join us. Here are three ways you can be Inquisitive:

  1. Ask your home about how much energy it’s using. Ok, we know your home won’t answer back, but you can get the information you need by doing a home energy audit. Once you find out how much energy it takes to power your home, you can decide how to save. Click here for two ways to get started.
  2. Ask your energy provider what they are doing to help the environment. Find out what percentage of their electricity is generated by renewable sources such as hydro, wind, and solar, or whether your utility company offers green energy plans and how much they cost.
  3. See how much you can save with solar.
    Use our energy savings calculator to find out how much of a difference you can make – in your budget and your community – by choosing solar. For example, of you live in Hennepin County, MN, and your average electricity bill is $200 a month, your subscription to SunShare Community Solar is estimated to save you $12,482 over 25 years. Plus, you will save 379 tons of CO2 – the equivalent of more than 770,000 miles of driving!