Community solar billboard

Now you can choose solar without panels

With community solar, you don’t need to install panels on your roof. There’s no cost to modify your roof and no large upfront investment to install solar panels. Plus, since there’s no system installed on your roof, you don’t need to worry about maintenance.

With SunShare Community Solar, anyone can enjoy the benefits of solar even if you don’t own a home. Community solar is a great alternative to rooftop systems for:

    • Single Family Residences

    • Duplexes

    • Condominiums

    • Townhouses

    • Apartments

    • Businesses

You skip the large upfront investment.

Rooftop solar systems typically require a sizeable upfront investment to cover the cost of installation. With SunShare Community Solar, you subscribe to a garden of solar panels we build in a nearby county. You simply pay monthly for the energy produced in the solar garden and lock in a stable, affordable subscription rate with no upfront costs.

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You don’t have to worry about maintenance or replacement.

With SunShare Community Solar, you don’t have the headaches of replacing or maintaining a rooftop system. We have a warranty-reserve fund to ensure the long-term operation and maintenance of the solar garden and to guarantee that the system will always be cared for and insured.

You protect yourself from utility rate hikes.

While utility company electric rates can increase every year, SunShare offers you protection against expensive rate hikes. Your subscription rate is stabilized, so you’ll know what you are paying for your solar energy year after year. And, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing you are no longer susceptible to energy company rate hikes.