Proudly serving Minnesota since 2014

Since 2014, SunShare has been proudly serving Minnesota communities by building large community solar projects – with thousands of panels – in communities across the state. Working with the largest utility in the state – Xcel Energy – we are able to serve thousands of residents and organizations. Now, anyone can enjoy the benefits of solar electricity without putting panels on their roof, simply by subscribing to a SunShare community solar garden!.

Our Promise to Minnesota

The SunShare team has helped pave the way to grow Minnesota’s solar industry. With a combined 50+ years of experience in renewable energy, many of our team members were an integral part in establishing Minnesota’s landmark community solar garden program. The Minnesota Solar Energy Jobs Act was signed by Governor Dayton in 2013. Under this legislation, any electricity consumer in Xcel Energy’s territory can participate in a community solar garden, and receive solar energy credits on their bill.

SunShare solar gardens can have many positive impacts on the land. They help support crop rotation, reduce erosion through the planting of vegetation under the panels, and enhance local agriculture through pollinator-friendly seed mixes. Whenever possible, we build our solar gardens on brownfield sites, which include land with limited uses such as old landfills or chemical spill sites. SunShare also supports Fresh Energy’s Pollinator Pledge, which is a commitment to create local ecosystems for monarch butterflies and honeybees to live on site at solar gardens. At SunShare, we strive to leave the land on which we build our solar gardens better than we found it.

Here are the Minnesota counties SunShare can serve.

SunShare garden locations are continually evolving. Please select “Calculate Your Impact” below to see if there is available capacity in your county.