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Xcel Energy Aims for Zero-Carbon Electricity by 2050

  • Posted: December 6, 2018 Published by: Colorado Springs Independent

Xcel Energy, Colorado’s largest electricity utility announces that it is ambitious to deliver 100% carbon-free electricity to customers by 2050. Governor-Elect Jared Polis says, “Xcel Energy...

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Clean Energy Experts: 100% Renewable Energy Could Come Before 2040

  • Posted: November 13, 2018 Published by: CBS Denver

One week after Coloradans elected a governor who promises all-renewable energy statewide by 2040, clean energy experts say it could happen even sooner. “I actually think that’s conservative,” Da...

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Executive Voice: Sunshare's David Amster-Olszewski brings community solar out of the shadows

  • Posted: October 26, 2018 Published by: Denver Business Journal

David Amster-Olszewski pioneered a new energy model and has advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Check out the article from Denver Business Journal

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Energy developers applaud richer community solar incentives

  • Posted: October 12, 2018 Published by: MPR News

Minnesota regulators have approved fatter incentives for residents subscribing to community solar gardens in the state. Community solar gardens initially attracted a lot of residential customers. But ...

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Country's Newest Solar Factory Opens on the Iron Range

  • Posted: September 25, 2018 Published by: MPR News

The “Taconite Capital of the World” Mountain Iron Minnesota is home to the nation’s largest iron ore mine. The town is opening the state’s only solar panel factory in 2018 from...

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