Here's what our subscribers are saying about SunShare

James Fellman - Minneapolis, MN

“I’ve been concerned with global warming for 40 years. This is a way I can fight climate change without having to put a solar system on my house. Signing up with SunShare was easier than I thought.”

Matt Riehl - Minneapolis, MN

“There weren’t many options for solar before. A rooftop system was too expensive. This is an easy way I can do something to combat using energy burned from coal.”

Di Graski - Colorado Springs, CO

“We called a solar installer and discovered that we aren’t in a good place for rooftop solar. We thought that was the end of it. Then we heard about SunShare. We’ve been customers since 2012. SunShare can find the right site for the panels and we get the benefit of what the panels generate. The SunShare staff is just excellent at managing the set-up with Colorado Springs Utilities. They shielded us from the bureaucracy. It’s so easy. SunShare has been fantastic to work with.”

Celine Lethead - Minneapolis, MN

“I can choose solar as my electricity source, and I don’t have to worry about a whole solar system on my roof. I simply signed a few forms, and SunShare took care of the rest, while I will be getting credits on my electricity bill and saving money.”

Loy Jones - Colorado Springs, CO

Loy Jones of Colorado Springs leased 10 panels for his home. His monthly electric bill dropped to around $30, compared to $70 to $80 per month without the benefit of solar. Community solar is very popular in Colorado Springs, Jones said, and his friends and neighbors are eager for more solar gardens to be developed to meet the demand. “As soon as there are more solar gardens built, I plan to lease six more panels for my home. It couldn’t be easier to sign up,” said Jones, “and it’s a great deal.”

Austin Gangestad - Hennepin County, MN

By enrolling in a SunShare solar garden in Hennepin County, MN, Austin Gangestad and his fiancée subscribed to the amount of solar power needed to off-set their home’s energy and see solar bill credits that actually end up lowering their utility bills, resulting in savings. “It’s a no-brainer!” said Austin. “I can’t see any negatives to it. We save money, use renewable energy, and there are no upfront costs. The process of signing up with SunShare is simple and easy. It’s just a matter of a few papers to sign.”