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SunShare Community Solar: Positive Community Impacts

SunShare is committed to building renewable energy projects that help invigorate community land, which in turn can provide opportunities to stimulate local communities around them.

SunShare builds community solar gardens that produce clean, renewable energy and increase the amount of renewable energy our communities use. We have also proudly taken the Pollinator Pledge, which means that we plant pollinator-friendly native species and host habitats for bees and insects, whenever possible. This attracts pollinators and helps improve the local environment.

Our projects also contribute to the local community tax base, create jobs, and boost the local economy via landowner payments and increased local spending.

SunShare maintains communication with key stakeholders, local governments, and landowners through regular meetings, update letters, and siting workshops. SunShare’s community-driven approach ensures that each of our projects is developed successfully and will be part of the fabric of the local community for the life of the project.

Learn more about how SunShare partners with landowners to develop successful long-term projects and supports local communities.

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