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How Community Solar Helps Renters Afford to Go Green

  • Posted: August 19, 2021 Published by: Yahoo Life

The release of a startling new report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has made it more apparent than ever that we all have a role to play in addressing the life-threatening changes taking place around the world…

Solar developer’s subscription incentive helps Colorado businesses, nonprofits

  • Posted: July 22, 2021 Published by: Greeley Tribune
A Colorado solar developer spent more than $100,000 to purchase gift cards for Colorado retailers and charities to support businesses and incentivize residents to try solar energy. SunShare, the developer of Weld County’s largest solar garden, announced the purchase this week. New subscribers can enroll by Sept. 15 to receive a gift card or select a nonprofit for a donation.

Agrivoltaics: Solar plus farm production is gaining ground

  • Posted: June 21, 2021 Published by: Minnesota Farm Guide

The term “agrivoltaics” was coined several decades ago but is just now gaining traction in the farming community. It means to farm the land where solar panels collect renewable energy. “Farming” may take the form of hosting bee hives and pollinator plots; allowing sheep or cattle to graze beneath the panels; or using unshaded portions of solar arrays for food production.

SunShare Breaks Industry Record with Ten Years of Serving Community Solar Subscribers

  • Posted: June 16, 2021 Published by: Utility Dive
SunShare, the nation’s oldest community solar developer, breaks an industry record this month with a decade of operations, just 11 years after the first community solar legislation was passed in Colorado. In recent years, community solar has been the fastest-growing segment of the solar industry, and now has projects or programs in 48 states.

McLeod County Board approves agrivoltaics site

  • Posted: June 10, 2021 Published by: Hutchinson Leader

Last month, the McLeod County Board delayed voting on a permit for a new solar array in order to review a plan to continue agriculture use on the same plot of land. At its June 1 meeting, commissioners gave the “agrivoltaics” plan a shot in a split 3-2 vote.

Could ‘agrivoltaics’ be the answer to McLeod County’s dilemma of solar arrays on farmland?

  • Posted: May 24, 2021 Published by: Crow River Media

As proposals for solar arrays have become more common over the past several years, McLeod County commissioners have been forced to grapple with a common concern among many proposed sites: They would stop production on high-quality farmland.

County boundaries become barriers for community solar in Minnesota

  • Posted: March 24, 2021 Published by: Energy News
Minnesota solar developers are lobbying state lawmakers to let customers subscribe to community solar projects built farther from their homes or businesses.