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Simply enjoy clean, renewable community solar

Choose community solar and lead the way to a cleaner, brighter future for everyone. Community solar is the easy, affordable way to enjoy clean, renewable energy. There’s no rooftop installation, so residents and organizations can simply subscribe with no upfront costs. With community solar, together we are making a meaningful difference for generations to come.

Plus, with our referral program, SunShare subscribers receive a $100 gift card to a local business when their friends or family members subscribe to SunShare Community Solar and secure space in one of our live solar gardens. To qualify for the referral bonus, simply fill out and submit the form below to start the process.

New subscriber referral form:

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    ** Incentives will be sent, via email, 4-6 weeks after referred friend subscribes with SunShare and is assigned to a live garden.
    No penalty to cancel if subscriber moves out of Xcel Energy® territory. Xcel Energy is a registered trademark of Xcel Energy. All rights reserved. Xcel Energy is not affiliated or otherwise legally associated with SunShare, and your subscription contract, and all terms and conditions, are with SunShare.

    How Does Community Solar Work

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